About Skillup Africa

Hard Skills Development

Enabling individuals to learn viable skills and become professionals in their chosen fields.

Soft Skills Development

Equipping Africans with leadership, communications, presentation and team playing skills.

Attitudinal Competence Training

We raise individuals with good moral standing enabling them become good citizen, employees and family members


Skillup Africa was born out of the passion to raise skilled individuals you will in turn raise others and the cycle continues.

In 2016, after having series of bad experiences with developers our parent company Euidem Technologies, decided to recruit interns willing to learn software development, train them and employ them.

After several screenings, 5 individuals were selected, each of them were trained in different aspects of web development, graphics design, business development and one year down the line, they were doing amazingly well in their chosen fields. The company then decided to try this with another set and the result was also great. 

The success of the first two sets led to the creation of a better structured graduate training program, based on the learnings in the past years. And Skillup Africa was born!!!

UBUNTU - "I am because we are"

Our approach to Skillup Africa is to create a platform for knowlegde sharing between those who know and those who need to know while also connecting those who want to work to those who need them. 

We look forward to a time when SUA will become an “Open source” institute without a definite owner but all of us. Built by Africans for Africans and the world at large

Skillup Africa seeks to give an opportunity to exceptionally talented individuals who ordinarily may not be able to afford such opportunity.

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Skillup Africa is a fulltime training program where participants are trained in their chosen fields by some of Nigeria's best. The training, which is a combination of in-class and online sessions, is followed by internship and jobs placements locally and internationally

For the second cohort of SUA, a maximum of 60 individuals will be admitted into the program in 8 different tracks.

 Selection is made based on the applicant’s ability to scale 

the application process. 

Being able to afford the training does not in anyway place you ahead of those who are more willing and able to participate. Participants get up to 3 job placements to choose from and have a guarantee of at least 12 months of employment with their employers.  


Application for SUA is in 3 phases starting with the online registration. Successful candidates will recieve a link to the online exam portal which will serve as the second phase of the application. Successful applicants from the second phase are then invited to a one-day bootcamp for the final screening.

Project timelines

All participants get to participate in the 6 months training program fulltime. Training is 6 days a week, 8am to 6pm, Mondays to fridays and 10am to 5pm on saturdays. Participants get to build live projects in the course of the training and also get hands-on learning experience which puts the ahead of the park.


Skillup Africa will provide access to online resources, a conducive training and seminar facility, residential facilities, sporting facilities (gym, football pitch etc), and other neccessary amenities. There is also a provision for feeding (optional). However, participants will have to get their personal computers and make themselves available for the period of the program.


Meet our team members

We have a team of Advisors, trainers, mentors, project team members and volunteers all working together to ensure Skillup Africa is a success. Below are some of the project team members

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