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Benzema Greater Than Ronaldo?!


“Everybody agrees that Karim Benzema is greater than Cristiano Ronaldo.”

I heard someone express that among his friends yesterday, and he was almost eaten raw.


Is it an abomination to make such a proclamation?

But if we put sentiments aside, who is a better striker between the two?

If we use the available data to compare, who will it favor?

Of course, specific parameters have to be used for this analysis.

And truth has to be consistent, except if some variables are changing.

Consider Goal Scores as one of the parameters to measure greatness.

Now let’s create a Dataset containing the lifetime goals in both players’ careers.

As of 2023, Ronaldo had scored 834, while Benzema had 451.

Another reasonable data to collect is the years both players have played.

From there, we can still extrapolate to see whether Benzema is a worthy match on that comparative basis.

We are beginning to see that there are trends in data.

And if we can interpret data patterns enough, we can accurately predict future events.

And the more data we collect, study and analyze, the more we can explore and even prescribe a viable solution to real problems.

Data Analytics is really fun!



We make it such an exciting exercise for our students at Skillup Africa.

We know how to teach complex subjects in extremely simple ways.

No wonder why we are producing professional Data Analysts in just 10 weeks!

It’s because we know how to make learning entertaining for our students.

What are you waiting for?

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