Meet our Product Design graduates for cohort 2

Design is not just what a product looks like or feels like, Design is how it works.
At Skillup Africa, we recognize that people don’t only use a product because of how great the design is but how efficiently the product functions.
That is why we train excellent product designers who are great at using designing solutions to users’ needs and want in a way developers and other stakeholders love.

Meet Cohort 2 backend gradutes

Anyone can write codes that a computer can understand. Excellent programmers write codes that both humans and computers can understand.
Permit us to brag about our outgoing backend developers at @skillup Africa.
These wonderful personalities have evolved in the past couple of months from having little or even zero knowledge about programming to becoming full-blown backend developers.
We are indeed making gold @skillup Africa

Product Management pilot over!!!

Yesterday we had the final class of our Product Management course which has been running absolutely free of charge in the last 6 weeks.
We are delighted to see these young people who knew close to nothing in product management just a few months ago learn and grow enough for them to take on real-life projects and change the narrative of how products are built locally and on a global scale.
The next phase will be internships with reputable startups and upward from thereon.
Congratulations guys!!! We are proud of you.
For more information on who we are and what we do visit www.skillupafrica.com.ng