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In line with the goals of Skillup Africa to make top-notch Tech Skills training accessible and affordable for young Africans, we introduced an intensive hybrid Data Analytics course that will help professionals trying to get into tech through Data Analytics or others who want to amplify their knowledge and experience in Tech, launch into Data Analytics. Our curriculum has been carefully created in line with global standards to help you become an all-around Data Analyst from the get-go. 

Our Data Analytics Course is

Why Data Analytics?

The world needs a lot more Data analysts than ever before.

Data analytics techniques enable a business to take raw data and uncover patterns to extract valuable insights. As a result, data analysis helps companies make informed decisions, create a more effective marketing strategy, improve customer experience, and streamline operations, among many other things. As technology continues to boom, more data is being generated and definitely is also a need for people who will analyze the data. Data has become the most important factor in business success, hence the saying, Data is the new oil.

Paying or not?

Data Analytics is a highly rewarding career

The demand for data specialists is on the rise while the supply remains low, thus creating great job opportunities for individuals within this field. 

Today, it is almost impossible to find any brand that does not have a social media presence; soon, every company will need data analytics professionals. This makes it a wise career move that has a future in business. 

According to Prospects, entry level salaries for data analytics professionals range between £24,000 and £25,000. With a few years’ experience, salaries can rise to somewhere between £30,000 and £35,000, while high-level professionals and consultants may earn £60,000 or more.


Can I become a Data Analyst?

Irrespective of your discipline and experience you can become an exceptional Data Analyst

Becoming a data analyst isn’t hard per se, though it does require certain technical skills that might be more challenging for some than others. That said, with proper education, like the one this course offers, you can transition into Data Analytics in a few months and land your first job in the next 4 – 6 months. Additionally, because of continuing advancements in the field, data analysis is a career path that requires ongoing education.



Carefully Curated Modules


Weeks of Intensive learning


Years of Experience Combined


Carefully Curated Modules


Weeks of Intensive learning


Years of Experience Combined

Course Structure

The course is a 6 days/week (Monday – Saturday) program. We recommend that you schedule 2 hours each day for an optimal experience. 

  1. Self-paced learning: Monday – Wednesday
  2. Group Discussion: Thursday
  3. Group Case study presentation: Friday
  4. Live Class: Saturday

Week One

Introduction To Data Analytics

This gets you familiar with what Data Analytics is and what it is not with a general overview of Data Science generally. Participants also get introduced to the common Data Analytics lingual and concepts and gradually get into Data Analytics starting with Microsoft Excel

Week Two

Advanced Microsoft Excel

We dive deeper into analyzing data with Microsoft Excel. Participants get to learn more about all the functions, Data formatting, Data presentation, power query, and creation of dashboards for simple to complex data sets. 

Week Three - Five

Introduction to Data Analytics with Power BI

Learners will learn how to analyze data using Microsoft Power BI including its interface and workflows, collection and cleaning of data, creation of models and measures using Dax, Data visualization and reporting amongs other things

Week Six - Eight

Microsoft SQL Server

Learners are introduced to Microsoft SQL servers, databases in general, relational database management, manipulation of data types, filters, functions, case expression, DDL, importing data into SQL, and exporting data into external software

Week Nine

Interview Preparation and Portfolio Development

Here our instructors and mentors work with learners to get them job ready by holding mock interviews, sharing information on how to land a job as a data analysit, right projects for their portfolios and more career guidance. 


Week Ten

Personal/Group Project

Participants will be required to carryout personal projects with some simulations similar to real life scenario to help them fully understand the concept of Data Analytics and to be able to hit the ground running after the training. Learners also work in groups to deliver a project

Meet our Faculty

Meet the awesome professionals who have volunteered to share their knowledge thereby making this training possible and affordable for you. 

Ayobami Ebun PhD

Ayobami Ebun PhD

Research | Machine Learning | AI

Ayobami is a researcher at the University of Florida with major interests are Data Science, Machine Learning, Renewable Energy, Smart grids, IOT/Cyber-Physical Systems, and Precision Agriculture.

He has over a decade of experience working in the field of Data Science and a wealth of practical experience 

Onyeka Ojomah

Onyeka Ojomah

Data Engineering | Machine Learning Expert

Onyeka is a Data expert with over 5 years of experience in the field of Data with experience in Clouds: GCP, and Azure; Databases; Data Integration and ETL: Airflow, GCP DataFlow, and Microsoft Azure Data Factory; BI/Visualization and Machine. She is currently studying for a master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Huddersfield, UK

Solomon Adebayo

Solomon Adebayo

Digital Trade Data Analyst, Philip Morris International

Certified Microsoft Power Bi Data Analyst with 3 years of demonstrated strengths in business analysis, business intelligence, customer insight analysis, Market analysis, and research. Excellent verbal, and written communication skills with a proven record of explaining complex business principles.


Earn A Skillup Africa Data Analytics Certification

You get a certificate of completion for completing the course requirements (this is for all participants who completes the course) and a certificate of achievement for satisfactorily completing all course requirements.

Upon completion of the course and meeting all requirements, participants will get a professional certificate to affirm their knowledge. This certificate is shared both in hard and soft copies and can also be linked to your LinkedIn profile with a unique link for reference.

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