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Summary of what Skillup Africa is and why we need your help!!!

Skillup Africa is a digital skills empowerment project where we train young, smart but indigent Africans in digital skills for a period of 6 months in an intensive 6 days a week bootcamp. Students who successfully complete the training get employed by top companies locally and internationally. Currently, Skillup Africa has a 100% job placement record.  

Skillup Africa as an organization caters for the indigent in the society, who normally would not have been able to afford a training as ours. Some of the students in our current track are so indigent that they can’t afford to feed or house themselves and this breaks our hearts. We have done our best to subsidize these fees but will like to solicit for your assistance for these very indigent ones. 

We have asked them to write letters detailing what their needs are and why they are unable to support themselves. To read them please click the button below. You can support with as little as N5000 or as much as you wish. You can also support as a one off or on a recurring basis. Thank you

A few of our students need financial assistance in one or all of the following. No amount is too small.


We charge a token fee to confirm the student's interest in the program. This fee is 20% of their total training cost and its all they need to pay till they start working. That's 80,000 naira one-time fee


We offer subsidized feeding support to our students.
A meal worth 1000 naira is offered at 300 naira/meal and 18,000 naira for a whole month per student; that's 108,000 naira for the whole program per student.


We secured accommodation for our students to ease their stay. We offer accommodation worth 2,000 naira/day for 500 naira per day per student. That's 15,000 per month and 90,000 naira for the whole program.

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Minimum payable amount NGN 5,000
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