FAQs About Skillup Africa

We have prepared answers to a list of frequently asked questions by prospective students who are interested in Skillup Africa Graduate program to help you have a better understanding the program.

Do I need to pay the total fee?

Skillup Africa does not require you to pay the total fee at once but only a certain percentage. The rest will be paid after job placement.

Do you offer certificates upon graduation?

Yes, we offer a Certificate at the end of the program duration. You must attend all the class sessions to receive this certificate.

Can i do part-time? I have a job/I am in school.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to combine anything else with the program. Skillup Africa is structured for people who are willing to dedicate the next 6 months to learning something new and are expected to begin to work immediately after the training.

What materials do courses include?

Each course includes a specially developed course curriculum. Curricula are timely, engaging, and updated continually. Course content will engage you in thinking about what you do on the job. Case studies, exhibits, and practical exercises help reinforce major principles.

Each course is also designed to include a clear roadmap that will take you from being a beginner to a world-class junior professional in the space of six months. All you need to add to this is your dedication and passion.

Who are the Instructors?

They are:

  • Dynamic presenters
  • Professionals with at least 10 years of industry experience
  • Professionals who are willing and ready to give back to the society
  • Leaders in the interactive classroom
  • Skillful discussion facilitators
  • Grounded in technical knowledge and management strategies
  • Dedicated to the success of their students


What are the advantages of instructor led training?

The main advantage of instructor-led training is that the student gets to interact with the instructor, ask questions, and ask for further explanation when things are not clear. Classes also offer a more structured environment; they meet on a certain schedule with assignments due to each class. Many people find it easier to learn new technologies in this type of environment compared to trying to learn them themselves. Another big advantage of instructor-led training is the opportunity to interact with other students that are in the same position you are. Many students say they learned as much from interacting and working with the other students in the class as they did from the instructor (it’s also a great place to network).

Is there provision for feeding?

Skillup Africa has made provision for trainees to have access to food at any time at a token

Is there provision for accommodation?

Skillup Africa has prepared a well befitting and highly convenient apartment for some trainees who stay far away and may need it. We have provision for both male and female accommodation. We strongly recommend that participants use the hostel facilities for more convenience.

Where will my class be held?

Classes hold only at the Skillup Africa Hub in Ajah Lagos. Participants will be expected to be available onsite for the complete 6 months the program will hold. No part of the training holds virtually. The program is 100% onsite

How far in advance do I need to register?

It’s hard to say. The sooner the better, as our classes generally fill up fast. If you have any concerns about the availability of a particular class, you can contact us via email. We will generally advise that you register as soon as you can as the application will be open for just a short while

How do I register?

Registration is on-site only at

What courses are available?

For Cohort 3 Skillup Africa Digital Skills Empowerment program will be featuring only the following courses.

  1. Frontend web development
  2. Backend web development
  3. Advanced video editing

An online module for Product Management will be added much later in the program.