The 4th industrial revolution has helped accelerate the sophistication of pixel relevance in various technological fields. In today’s world, the truthfulness of certain proverbial mantras is no longer retaining their label of truth. For instance: the saying that a picture cannot lie; this, in the glory of the 21st century, is a lavish falsehood. The engineering of image flexibility has become a power available to all innovators ready to adapt to change.

Walk into a modern supermarket, begin shopping around, and you will notice that the brains behind the arrangement of products are experts in the conveniences appealing to human psychology. The most expensive products are not placed in positions that will add discomfort to the effort of looking at them. The less expensive products are usually found on the lower row, and the peripherals at the top rows. Why? Because the average human feels more comfortable looking at things at his eye level. We find these logics applicable in the fashion world with the use of mannequins. The aesthetics of how wears look appealing on objects compels humans to want to replicate the outlook on their body.

Colors are magical. Graphics are now powerful tools used in imprinting irresistible images in the minds of the masses. They are a form of seductive force to tacitly act in compelling you to engage you in a cause. And the unimaginable truth about the spirit of time is that it produces outliers who can exploit its products. Every pariah of innovation is exempted from the glory of its time.

Graphics design in businesses in the 21st century, despite its omnipresent availability to the populace, has been undergoing a series of evolution that is now favorable to those who understand an average human’s psychological need. Let’s consider a thought-experiment on the Apple logo transformation from its inception:


There’s usually an overuse of a tool when examining its historical transitions. Nearly every newbie is guilty of creating a mash of numberless features to show off expertise with various options. The almighty Apple has evolved from primeval complexity to the heights of stunning simplicity. The length at which the Apple logo has degraded its excess from 1976 to being frugal in 2017 is worth the common person’s attention. 

Graphics design in the 21st century fuels the relevance of businesses in today’s market because enormity is now communicated in simplicity. Tech companies expend thousands of dollars annually finding creatives to figure out how to make you sleep and dream of images of their brand color patterns, logo, and other incredible formulas they must use to persuade you directly and indirectly.

Questions sometimes arise attacking the premise of these mental manipulations, but the truth of this reality is that it’s here to stay. Businesses have to assume the ethic of a democrat. We are to believe we were convinced to engage with businesses and not coerced to spend excess on Apple products each time we walk in and out of their store. You can’t exempt yourself from this zeitgeist but tag along and find effective ways to harness the power of modern creativity.

A number of companies, in the same manner as the evolution of the Apple logo, have devolved over the years to make graphics design more robust for the average user. In terms of size, we must also recall that the first 1GB hard disk pioneered by IBM weighed about 249.47 kg (550 pounds). Tech innovations always seem to start out big, more technical, then transform until complexity is redefined through simplicity.

Various application packages have emerged, and even the old packages have reformed, making the graphic design more interesting and accessible for the average business owner with no certification whatsoever in graphics production. Among this software are:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Canva
  • HoneyBook.
  • Figma
  • Adobe Creative Cloud,
  • Desygner
  • Logo Maker

and more…


How are you planning to scale up your business’s profit margin through effective graphics design? This is not a call to be taken with levity but prioritized as a necessity. Exceptional psychological methodologies are measures we adopt to teach our students at Skillup Africa to use design typography and pictures to meet users’ specific needs. We train students to become the best. 


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