Intensive Training

We offer in-depth training 6 days a week all through the training ( 6 months) period in a combination of self-paced and in-class sessions working with diligently curated curriculum at par with global standards.

Attitudinal & Communications Skills

Participants in SUA, in addition to hard skills, get to develop viable soft skills and attitudinal upgrades that helps them fit better and work efficiently in the work place in the workplace.

Internships and Job placements

At the end of the Skillup Africa program, participants get internship opprtunities and job placements with top firm. Each participant get at least 3 offers to choose from

Skillup Africa is a digital skills empowerment program aimed at providing a platform for exceptional Africans to learn viable skills and become professionals sought after by experts globally.

The program is delivered in two different tracks, the first track which involves training where participants get to learn hard and soft skills that puts them clearly ahead of the park and the second track involves, work experience presented as an internship followed by job placements at reputable local and international organizations.

Skillup Africa is more than just a training program.

Our learning module is an infusion of several tested and trusted learning method proven to help you learn all you need to become a professional,. Training is provided by a team of Trainers, Mentors, training partners and other professionals. Our learning partners are globally accaimed learning providers.

Our Trainers are professionals with an average of 10 years experience in their chosen fields. They participate in in-class training sessions having a one-on-one experience with the students 

Mentors are professionals at the peak of their careers who have volunteered to help others grow

We are making gold!!!

Due to the limited available slots, only the top 60 applicants will be accepted into Skillup Africa Cohort 2
Application process for SUA Cohort 2 is as follows


Online Registration
( 18th Novenmber 2020)


Online Examination
(9th-12th December 2020)


1 Day Bootcamp
( 19th December 2020)


Training Commencement
( January 2021)

Learning with us means achieving way more

Skillup Africa has been designed in a way to give the best learning experience to all kinds of learners and we have an assurance that value will be delivered. 

SUA in the second cohort will feature 8 different courses

Our Team of Professionals

We are proud to be delivering SUA with a team of passional professionals working with us as Training advisors, Trainers, Mentors, QAs, Volunteers and Planning team

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