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How to get instant oversea jobs on LinkedIn



To be successful in life you need to be focus. LinkedIn rewards effort more than every other social media platform when it comes to connecting with prospective customers or client. This social media platform gives you access to a field of intellectuals. LinkedIn is for everyone unlike what most of us think about the platform. Starting an online career in Facebook is actually nice but will not give you access to a lot of quality people. There are career Opportunities on LinkedIn which basically cannot be found on any Social Media Platform. It offers more than regular social media platform. LinkedIn offers services which include posting your brand, get a job, a fellowship or networking.
The following are few of the benefits of LinkedIn
Job opportunity:  LinkedIn is the only social media platforms that have a job button i.e. a place you can apply for a Job.
LinkedIn have the voluntary opportunity: This allows you to take some job without the intention of getting a pay. This gives you the opportunity to have job experience which is one of the issues we face when seeking for Job in Nigeria. The other ways of gaining experience is through internship i.e. working and learning at the same time with a little payment for personal upkeep.
Networking: Networking is about who know you and not who you know. LinkedIn gives you access to quality people that can pay for your services. You have access to quality people and a lot of them which increases the worth of your network.
Optimizing your LinkedIn profile.
This helps LinkedIn bring your profile when someone needs your services and also open you to opportunities.
Profile Picture: According to this popular adage that says” You will be address the way you dressed”. Your display picture should be a professional headshot as it portray more about you so as to increase your chances of getting a good recommendation and job.
BIO: Your bio is one of the most important things to do. It is important to fill your bio with keyword of what you do. This shows a summary of whom you are and what you can offer.
About: This space is provided for you to sell yourself well. This space is provided for you to write a lot about your personality and everything you want your prospect to know. It must not contain only technical skills but must contain other stuffs about you. The content should contain details from the following area . About yourself, Technical Skills, Personal skills
Experience: Document all your experience, every where you have worked.
Award and Honor: Highlight all the awards that you have gotten either in school or elsewhere.
Recommendation: This is where people can recommend you.
Searching for Jobs on LinkedIn: If you fill every details correctly you get a job alert immediately there is a job posting.
Mentoring and coaching. Mentorship help you get things done within a little period of time. Not having a mentor will make you waste a lot of money.


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