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In line with the goals of Skillup Africa to make premium Tech Skills training accessible and affordable for young Africans, we introduced an intensive hybrid Product Management course that will help professionals trying to get into tech through Product Management or others who want to amplify their knowledge and experience in Tech, launch into Product Management. Our curriculum has been carefully created in line with global standards to help you become an all-around Product Manager from the get-go. 

Our Product Management Course is

Why Product Management?

There is an extremely high demand for Product Managers

Every development team needs at least one Product Manager but in many cases (especially in Africa), most teams have none. It has now become a reality that to build products that work, Product Management is key, hence the surge in demand for PMs. In the US alone, there are more than 100,000 PM roles that go unfilled for several months. As technology continue to advance and the need for tech solution increases, the need for product managers also increases

Paying or not?

PM is a highly rewarding career

A report by Hiring trends in the US reveals that some of the highest paid employees in Silicon Valley are Product Managers. There is a sustained global demand for Product Managers and this has increased the value of Product Management and the general PM offerings. If you are already a business professional, Product Management is one of the few skills you can learn in few weeks and sporadically increase your current value and employability. 

Can I become a Product Manager?

Irrespective of your discipline and experience you can become an exceptional Product Manager

Whether you have a background in Engineering, Biological Sciences, Law, Marketing, Human resources management, Project management, Arts, Music or whatever field, you can become an amazing Product Manager with the the right resources, which this course provides. Your past experience or knowledge will further make you a more versatile Product Manager.



Carefully Curated Modules


Weeks of Intensive learning


Years of Experience Combined


Carefully Curated Modules


Weeks of Intensive learning


Years of Experience Combined

Course Structure

The course is a 6 days/week (Monday – Saturday) program. We recommend that you schedule 2 hours each day for an optimal experience. 

  1. Self-paced learning: Monday – Wednesday
  2. Group Discussion: Thursday
  3. Group Case study presentation: Friday
  4. Live Class: Saturday

Week One

Introduction To Product Management

This gets you familiar with what Product Management is and what it is not with a general overview of the product including the product lifecycle and the need of Product Management. Participants also get introduced to the common Product Management lingual and concepts

Week Two

Understanding Users, Competitive and Market Research

We dive deeper into the concept of the user/ customer, competitor/ market, ideas/ opportunities and a lot more in between. Participants will learn how to extensively carryout research and analysis on each of the listed pairs

Week Three

Customer research & Design thinking

Learners will learn more about customers and their importance to Product Management and Product Development as a whole. They also will learn how to solve complex problems by creating viable solutions using design thinking methodologies

Week Four


Learners will learn how to build products with great product-market fit by the use of customer-centric approaches. Learners will also learn how to define and prioritize features of a product for optimal efficiency with an in-depth studies into how to run experiments

Week Five


Learners will learn more about the concept of MVPs and the different types and methods that exist. This also includes rapid prototyping and testing in order to develop the best efficient version of the product in record time. Learners will also be able to measure the efficiency of their MVP methods

Week Six

Building the product

This covers all the roles of a Product Manager in the actual development of the product from wireframing to creating epics to sprint planning and then defining the metrics for measuring success. Learners will be introduced to Industry leading software solutions for managing product development

Week Seven

Product Marketing Management

This covers the roles of a Product Manager in taking the product to market, driving adoption and tracking progress. This also includes extensive lessons on how to work with all stakeholders in the product lifecycle with tips on how best to position for a PM role

Week Eight

Getting a job as a PM

Week 8 of the training helps prepare you for the job market. This includes mock PM job preparation, CV writing, and live sessions with top PM recruiters. This helps ensure that you can secure a job as a PM within a month of completing your product management training with Skillup Africa


Week Nine & Ten

Personal/Group Project

Participants will be required to carryout personal projects with some simulations similar to real life scenario to help them fully understand the concept of product management and to be able to hit the ground running after the training. Learners also work in groups to deliver a project

Meet our Faculty

Meet the awesome professionals who have volunteered to share their knowledge thereby making this training possible and affordable for you. 

Aditi Agarwal

Aditi Agarwal

Director, American Express, USA

Aditi is an Agile Coach with over 22 years of experience in product development and management. She is a published author with several books on product management. She is an Agile guru who has trained over 50,000 students on Udemy alone. She is the founder of the Agile Academy among many other achievements. She is passionate about teaching product development

Olu Asuni

Olu Asuni

Business Analysis Lead, MTN South Africa

Olu is a Business Analysis professional with over 14 years of experience in building products and businesses. He holds a number of certifications including the IIBA CBAPIIBA CPOAPMI PMP and ITIL Foundation. He co-founded vLearnHQ.com where he and others connect young Africans with world-class learning opportunities in such disciplines as Design Thinking, Business Analysis and Project Manage. He loves to share his wealth of experience with young Africans and does that excellently well via several channels.

Akintunde Opawole

Akintunde Opawole

Product Manager, Nextail. Spain

Akin is a certified Product Manager, with over 7 years experience in building B2B, B2C Saas and Paas innovative products across different verticals. He has managed and led teams of developers, scrum masters and business analysts to build e-commerce platforms, Data Analytics Dashboards, OCR Applications, Workflow Applications using agile scrum methodology. He is a very passionate teacher who likes to impact lives by sharing his Knowledge and ex periences 

Temitayo Diadem Adegoke

Temitayo Diadem Adegoke

Product Specialist, Nigeria

In the last 13 years of his professional experience, Temitayo has worked as a professional in all roles in the product lifecycle (design, research, software development, testing, marketing, and growth) he has led the development of more than 20 startups and a number of other products. He currently works as the product lead for 3 different companies and does consult with firms as regards product development. He is the Provost of Skillup Africa and also leads a number of startups. 


Earn A Skillup Africa Product Management Certification

You get a certificate of completion for completing the course requirements (this is for all participants who completes the course) and a certificate of achievement for satisfactorily completing all course requirements.

Upon completion of the course and meeting all requirements, participants will get a professional certificate to affirm their knowledge. This certificate is shared both in hard and soft copies and can also be linked to your LinkedIn profile with a unique link for reference.

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