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SUA DSEP was born out of a need to provide opportunities for exceptional young Nigerians to access premium quality training, mentorship, and guidance that will help them master viable globally relevant skills that will set them ahead of the park.

The program is designed to bring the best out of its participants through our world-class curriculum as support from a community of experts who serve as facilitators, mentors, trainers, and advisors.

Our Program

SUA DSEP is more than just a training program

SUA DSEP is a 6-month intensive onsite training, followed by 3 months of intensive with development teams to gain hands-on experience. 

The program requires 10-12 hours of work each day Mondays to Fridays for 6 months and 3-4 hours every Saturday dedicated to soft skills training in the 6 month period.

Fellows get to take a combination of self-paced and in-classes sessions as they learn followed by weekly assessments to ensure that the knowledge is sufficiently absorbed with a series of other programs (including sports and other extracurricular activities) aimed at bringing the best out of the participants.

Get onboard

If you are looking for a real change and can commit the next 2 years to it, this is for you.

We will not deceive you by promising that you will be a world-class professional earning thousands of dollars monthly after a few months, but if you can commit 6 months to the onsite training, 3 months to the internship, and about 15 months to continue to work and continuous learning, then you are in the right place. This program was designed for you.



What you'll

These and many more are the benefits DSEP Cohort 4 fellows will enjoy from the program. We are committed to ensuring that you get all the resources you need to attain success.


6 months stay at the SUA hub with unlimited power and internet


Fellows get 2 good meals daily for 6 months

Laptop Computer

Each fellow get a personal computer to learn and work with.


All fellows get 3 months internship after the 6 months training

Monthly Stipends

Fellows get 30,000 naira every month for 9 months

Job Placements

Eventually, fellows who meet all training goals get job placements

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After running Skillup Africa Digital Skills Empowerment Program in 3 Cohorts since 2020, our plan is to make Cohort 4 the best so far, creating more landmark achievements and breaking new records. We invite you to be a part of it.

Where our graduates work

Cohort 4 Learning tracks

Track 1

Frontend Development

Master the essentials of client side development with an in-depth exposition on all the key elements of frontend development and build viable projects with React as the main stack. The curriculum spans programming fundamentals, HTML, CSS, Javascript and React.js framework

Track 2

Backend Development

Learn the essentials of building the “behind the scenes” of web applications with live practical projects covering several real life scenarios. Building viable products with Nodejs as the main stack. The curriculum includes programming fundamentals, algorithms, database architecture and other importance aspects of backend engineering.

Track 3

Mobile Apps Development

This is for those who already have programming experience with react.js. The course will help learners learn how to build functional mobile apps with both react native and flutter. The course is project based, helping participants learn via experience as they build a variety of mobile apps. Please note that this is only for people with existing frontend development knowledge with react.js

Track 4

Data Analytics

Our data analytics course is designed to make a professional out of a novice with in-depth modules on data visualization, databases, and more

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I have a job currently, can I participate?

Please note that the DSEP is a full onsite program designed to be strictly followed for 6 months. You won’t be able to do anything else in the space of that time. You may want to consider taking one of our online courses which allow for more flexibility. Click here to learn more

After registering, what next?

Our screening is a 5 stage process involving Online registration => Statement of purpose => Online examination => A day Bootcamp  => Final Interview.  Participants who qualify for the next stage of screening will get instructions on the next step until final selection.

How much does the program cost?

The complete program with all the benefits costs a total of 1,500,000 naira but the good thing is you don’t have to pay all of this at once. We have a plan that allows you to pay just about 50,000 naira monthly in order to enjoy all of the benefits. We also have several other custom plans that help you make repayments easily without stress.

I really do not need some of the benefits, do I compulsorily have to take them?

We have designed the benefits structure based on our experience from the first 3 cohorts. If you have convincing proof that you have suitable alternatives for some of the benefits, we will take them off your bill and it will be your responsibility to enough that you are not lacking during the program

When is the DSEP Cohort 4 program commencing?

The program is scheduled to commence in late May 2022 after the 5 scanning stages have been completed.

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our graduates said

“I have tried for several years to learn how to code. I paid for several programs and went to several institutions but couldn't make much progress. When I joined Skillup Africa, everything changed. Today, I am doing what I love all thanks to Skillup Africa”
Adedolapo Adegoke

Backend Developer - Zealight Innovation Labs

“This is the best online tech course I've ever taken, so detailed, self-explanatory videos, knowledgeable tutors, it gives students room for other things, visit the site and go through the video at our convenience, the group project was superb, the live sessions was more educating. Long live SUA, long live Nigeria.”
Ebenezer Ojo

Product Manager, Jojolo App

“Skillup Africa gave me the opportunity to switch from Chemical Engineering to Software Development. With the help of Skillup Africa and it's management was able to learn and master the skills. Today I work as a frontend developer building technologies for the future ”
Emmanuel Ochade

Frontend Developer

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